A Christmas Party to Remember

Posted on 19 December 2012

Since it is the end of the year, we decided to have a 3 Cords Christmas celebration with the ladies last Friday. They were told to bring their kids for a day of fun!

On Thursday night we baked goodies for breakfast, packed some pb&j's for lunch, made little presents in plastic baggies by filling them with soaps/shampoos/lollipops/bouncy balls and then we wrote out certificates for each of them. While we were working we found some foam visors that had little decals you could stick on and a few camo hats. You have to be resourceful in Haiti, and we knew that these could be a hit at the party.

So the next morning when everyone arrived we started the morning off by everyone making a hat- they LOVED it! And the two men and two 10 year old boys that were there, made camo hats because I thought the visors were a little bit girly- which they agreed they were.

We then had coffee (they like it so sweet you don't taste the coffee- the ratio is usually 1/2 creamer 1/4 sugar and a 1/4 coffee) and pastries.  And in typical Haitian form they took all the goodies I baked- took the tin foil that was over all the sheets, wrapped it up and put it in their purses to take home to their families. We then passed out certificates and goodie bags. Certificates here are basically the same thing as getting a five foot tall trophy. Anyways, they love their certificates here so we’re very happy.

Then it was off to the beach. We went to the public beach which cost $1 US dollar for each of them and $2 for each White person. So basically it was the best 35 dollars we have ever spent, because they had a blast!

I brought a speaker we use out in the villages for VBS during the summer- which runs on battery. So we plugged in some Christmas music. Everyone got changed, put their stuff down, and were talking when......one of the deaf ladies made the first move towards the water. She didn’t walk- she strutted to the water and jumped into the ocean. All the other ladies and I, were cheering and the deaf were clapping. She splashed and splashed around. Then the others followed.

It was a priceless day of fun and fellowship! What a joy to be able to celebrate our Saviors birth with a wonderful day at the beach. Hope you enjoy the pictures and get a glimpse into what a happy day it was.

Below are a few favorite pictures from the day!


> The first one is working on our foam visors in the morning- and you can see hudson in his new camo hat.


> The second is of Hudson giving a piggy back to Elphine.  He is about 6'3 and the ladies cannot go to deep because they cannot swim so Hudson and Guy took them on piggy back rides all day and also helped them float on their backs. It was awesome to watch. I am so thankful for these two guys.


> The third picture is five of the deaf employees getting a photo together, and one of my ladies nephews who is about ten and has a prosthetic, splashing around.



> The last picture is my favorite. The ladies are sitting on the shoreline letting the water splash on them after getting tired out from all the swimming antics and boat rides. Just relaxing with each other and feeling comfortable at the beach.

Merry Christmas! 

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  • Jenny Hennum: January 09, 2013

    Do you have any of the certificates being received by the women? I’d love to get a copy of them! (I’m the one who did the caligraphy on the them when we were at MOH) Thanks!

  • Kina carmichael: December 20, 2012

    I went to Haiti this past summer, and love 3 cords:) so glad you all got to celebrate in this way! What a beautiful story of pure joy!!!

  • Doris Emerson: December 19, 2012

    sI have lived that day with you and I can hear the sound of laughter. Your creativity produced not only colourful but useful sun protections. I wish for all of you and yours a Blessed Christmas and I am anxiously counting the days until I visit you all -January 30th

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