3 Cords Welcomes Four New Employees!

Posted on 11 September 2012


3 Cords is so happy to introduce our four newest employees Sandra, Chimene, Jasmine and Adeline!






Jasmine and Adeline are sisters who recently moved to the new deaf community in Leveque. We are so thankful that they have joined the 3 Cords team. Please pray that communication with the ladies would continue to improve. After a week had passed, it was still difficult to tell what the ladies were thinking about working for 3 Cords. Stacy decided to ask a friend that works with the deaf community to ask the ladies what they thought of their new job, and they responded “we love it”! Whew, we are so glad Jasmine and Adeline are loving work and fitting right in at 3 Cords! The sisters mainly focus on cutting out patterns and working with fabric because they can stand on their feet longer than the amputee ladies. It has really helped production to have these two ladies working on patterns and cutting. 


Beautiful Sisters

Jasmine and Adeline are now working in our new building. Along with Chiméne and Sandra - two ladies who are also new and on their third week here with 3 Cords. Both women are hard workers, and Nadege is in charge of teaching the women. Most days you can find her and Marie Maude in the new building because they like the quietness it brings. Fafane has also moved into the new building now! If you can imagine 11 chatty women in one building each with their own sewing machine running, 4 fans blowing, radio on---compared to two deaf ladies, three young quite girls, no fans, and a new "passion" worship cd turned down. The noise level is crazy different. Each building has its own mood, but both sets of ladies prefer it.


Welcome Sandra, Jasmine, Chiméne, and Adeline! 3 Cords continues to grow and we couldn’t be more ecstatic!

A short story about Adeline from Stacy:

“The second day I was about to throw a bunch of scraps in the trash and Adeline waved at me frantically. I was like oh shoot what did I do? And then she motioned picking them up and putting them in a bag and laying it under her head. I was like ooohhhh she wants them to stuff a pillow. I told her sure you can take them home. The other ladies don’t ever want them and that is such a smart idea. Way to go Adeline!”


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