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3 Cords Van

Posted on 04 September 2012

The Lord has blessed 3 Cords! He has given 3 Cords sixteen beautiful ladies who work hard each day to make unique products, dedicated North American staff, and amazing supporters and customers that continue to shower 3 Cords with love! 3 Cords is the Lord’s, and He is always faithful.

 As we thank the Lord for His provision and blessing on 3 Cords, we also ask and hope that the 3 Cords ladies would be protected, loved, and treasured as daughters of the King, and as 3 Cords employees. A need has come to our attention lately. If you have ever traveled in Haiti, you have probably experienced the Haitian roads. Haiti does not exactly have “perfectly paved roads”, and travel can often be very bumpy and tiring.

 Out of the 16 women that 3 Cords currently employees, 10 are amputees, four have an amputee in their immediate family, and two are deaf. We have 1 lady that is a double amputee. If you spend anytime in 3 Cords, it is hard to even notice the women’s disabilities. Their happy spirits, mobility, and productivity make their prosthetics disappear. While the women are resilient, traveling to work is not easy.

 Most Haitian’s ride on “tap-taps”, or little brightly painted trucks that are made to ride 8 people at best, but normally hold around 20 on a normal day in Haiti. Named for the loud “tap” on the side of the truck that a rider gives when they want to get off, the “tap-taps” are a site to behold. While tap-taps work great for most Haitians, many of the 3 Cords ladies have a hard time standing on their prosthetic  legs for long periods of time when the roads are bumpy and the tap-tap is crowded. All of the 3 Cords ladies travel between 1 to 3 hours on a tap-tap just to get to work each day! The ladies are tough, but the travel is tiring and wearisome.

 Where do you come in? We want the best for the 3 Cords ladies, and we know you do too! As we confront the issue of transportation to and from work, the possibility of having a 3 Cords van has been a big hope of ours! How great to be able to pick the women up each morning, guarantee they have a seat, and ensure that they make it home safely each afternoon?! This is a 3 Cords dream!! We would love if you would pray with us about raising money for a 3 Cords van. Our desire is to raise around $30,000 for a 18 passenger van that we would purchase in Haiti, and then hire a driver to pick up and drop off the women daily. It is extremely hard to get donated cars from the U.S. to Haiti because of custom regulations, so we believe raising  the funds and then purchasing the van in Haiti is the best idea. If you, your small group, youth group, or church are interested in fundraising for a 3 Cords van please send an e-mail to to get more information! All donations for the van should be in the form of a check and made out to Mission of Hope with “3 Cords van” written in the tag line. Checks can be mailed to: 3 Cords at 1912 Smallwood Dr, Raleigh, NC 27605.

 Thank you for loving and supporting 3 Cords!

 Interesting fact: One of the 3 Cords ladies about had her baby on a tap-tap! Can you imagine?! 

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