Our Story

When the massive earthquake hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, it killed an estimated 300,000 Haitians.  Thousands that did survive had to have one or both legs amputated, as they were crushed underneath falling buildings.  This story is about these survivors.  It’s about women I know that lived for 3 days under a flattened two-story building.  It’s about women that waited over a week after being rescued to actually see a doctor, due to the scarcity of doctors and the overwhelming amount of patients.  It’s about women who sang their hearts out when they finally received prosthetic limbs.  And it’s about the woman that threw her arms up in the air with the toothiest of grins, shouting, “I can work again!  I can work again!  Hallelujah!!!”  To her, a leg meant hope.  Opportunity.  Life.  Yes, this story is about these women. 

During the year after the earthquake in Haiti, I managed the prosthetics lab at Mission of Hope, and got to know our patients very closely.  Every day I witnessed stories of beauty and redemption, and – in a country of rubble and ashes, literally – you learn to cling to these moments.  These women, our prosthetic patients, became my closest friends in Haiti.  I would visit them at their tent cities, and play with their kids to try and make them smile.  You see, even though my friends now had legs, they were so discouraged that no one would hire them because of their physical disability.  As much as I tried to encourage them, I knew deep in my bones that they were probably right; Haiti is a country where handicapped people are seen as invalids – people with nothing to contribute. 

So a few of my friends and I, along with my precious husband and the awesome leadership at Mission of Hope, set out to change this cultural stigma, and show these women that they are indeed valuable.  Thus, in September of 2010, 3 Cords was born.  We hired 6 women- 5 amputees and one mom of an amputee- and hired them for two days a week.  I will never forget the moments in which we told each of these women they got the job.  We saw tears, laughter, jumping up and down, and expressions of HOPE that are forever etched in my heart.  These women were so excited about making a better life for themselves and their families. 

After a few months, we realized we needed to double our employees and expand to five days a week to meet the demand, which is a great problem to have!  We also outgrew our initial workspace, which was an oversized closet bordering the prosthetics lab.  God richly blessed 3 Cords, and after one year we were able to build the most beautiful building that is colorful, spacious, and a glorious place to work.  On any given day you will hear the women sharing their lives with one another, intermixed with howling laughter and beautiful singing.  You will hear Haitian worship music blasting through terrible static on the radio – static that the ladies don’t seem to notice at all. :) And you will smell the delicious aromas of Haitian food that the ladies eat at lunch.  If you’re lucky, {they are sometimes shy when visitors come} you may even see them break out in dance.  Needless to say, 3 Cords is a joyous place, one that celebrates life and joy and hope.  One that trusts in the “already” and the “not yet” of the Gospel.  And one that believes that Jesus came to make beauty from ashes. 

Thanks for being a part of loving on these women by buying our products and telling their stories. Please tell your friends about us, and may the love keep spreading.